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Attorney General Salary in New York and Career Growth

An attorney general is usually the major legal advisor of the government. In different jurisdictions, the legal advice of the attorney general to the government varies. In New York, this is an administrative rank undertaken by a person working as an attorney for the New York state. One always gets appointed to this position through an election done in the state.

Attorney General Salary in New York

Duties of the New York attorney general:

Attorney generals have a vast range of duties and responsibilities they perform. The most important of his duties is to serve the citizens of the New York State by advocating for a legislature and being the custodian of the legal laws and statutes. As a matter of essence, the attorney general should ensure that the law of the land is strongly respected and importantly followed.

Divisions of the New York State attorney general:

The New York state attorney general has many divisions to help in efficient service to the citizenship and the upholding of the legal statutes of the state. The divisions include freedom to information, the process of committee service. Rights of tenant’s division, rights of the victim division, consumer fraud division, the antitrust division, and others.

New York attorney general legal procedures and processes – administrative law:

This how the New York state government interacts with its citizens in the legal aspect and how the government carries its daily mandate to its citizens. The attorney general is an officer of the state who sees that human rights are preserved and protected and their accordion to the citizens of NYS.

Common law:

Common law is a field which relies on the past rulings, the statutes and legal reviews as a guide to settling disputes and to make judgments. Thus the attorney general is considered to be the overseer and protector of such.

What it takes to be an NYS attorney general:

For one to be an attorney general of the State of New York under the state law, he or she must be above 30 years old. One must have been a resident of the state for a period not less than 5 years preceding the next election.

Department of justice:

The department of justice was established in 1870 with the aim of assisting the attorney general in performing its function and discharging of responsibilities. The attorney of the New York state works with the four most important cabinets of the state that includes the secretary of state, secretary of the treasury and the secretary of defense mainly because of the age and importance of every department

Attorney general salary:

The attorney general rank is a senior position in the NYS governance thus with the nature of work and all the departments he/she is in charge of, the salary and the allowances are worth it. And also because of the positions sensitivity and completion, it brings through election then it must be a lucrative position. The typical New York State office of the Attorney is $89,792. This estimate is according to Salary reports provided by employees and statistical methods.

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