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Cash Loans Charlotte

Quick Loans in Charlotte NC

Payday loans or cash loans as they are also known are short term lending solutions designed for individuals who find themselves short of cash during certain times of the week or month. Payday lending companies offer a quick solution to the money problems many people have during the month by lending them a small amount which is due at the time of your request. When you request payday loans, you give the company authorization to release the amount of money you requested within a period of time, usually within one to four weeks. These types of lending companies do require proof of income and a bank account as security for the loan amount being given to you. Most of these companies do require that you provide a phone number where they can be reached in case you need to arrange additional information.

Types of Loans

Cash advances are not regulated by the federal government and although some state governments have passed laws that limit the maximum amount of interest that payday loans can charge their borrowers, consumers in thirty-five states are allowed to borrow up to a maximum of $1000. Payday lending companies often have very high interest rates and a one six-month rolling interest rate cap, which means that borrowers are subjected to an interest rate of 36 percent. Payday lending companies also have a very high default interest rate and borrowers are required to pay part of their loan back in order to renew it. Because payday loans often require a high level of credit approval, borrowers are subject to a higher risk factor and a higher interest rate than conventional loans.

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