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How to Better Plan Your Next Business Blog

Learning how to create a blog is a process you need to go through, but well before you have to change your sidebar or redesign your blog in any way. Most people have personal experience in this area, and it occurs more often than you would think.

Let’s say that you decide to change the navigation around. This can cause a lot of headaches for visitors if they are used to a certain layout. However, if you carefully plan everything prior to your blog’s release, you can avoid many of these issues.

If you do not have a lot of finances to work with, using a free blog theme is usually what most people choose to use. A free theme is not what you want to use for a variety of different reasons. As long as it is regularly updated (and looks like it is high quality), you might want to use a free one, but in most cases you won’t. You want to use premium themes, not free ones, simply because they offer you more for your business.

You’ll need to choose a theme unless you want to use the default WordPress theme or one that is not WordPress. If you’re not familiar with themes, then this is another important area where you need to become knowledgeable. Only after you have learned how to use the themes to some degree should you go looking for a more complex one for your blog.

Google recently updated Penguin, which has caused people to take SEO very seriously when it comes to their blogs. What is dangerous for your blog or site is to have it over-optimized, a definite red flag for Google. There are many SEO plugins out there for you to use, so when developing your SEO strategy, you may have to use them.

Google has done quite a job in scaring people, making them even afraid to use SEO plugins to improve their rankings. Unfortunately, Google has completely confused the online marketing world for both large and small businesses. If this is all confusing, then that means you must learn the larger story and find out how far to go with on page SEO.

Once the categories are set up, then you will need to fill the categories with posts that you create. But you need some direction about post topics, and this is where the inexperienced can stumble. You can really get confused quickly if you have never written blog posts before. By looking at each keyword phrase related to the category, you can get started. Your posts for each category have to be relevant to the category topic. As long as you base your research on the topical phrase for each category, you should have no problems at all. It’s always a good idea to get as much information as possible related to each post that you’re going to create now, and in the future.

When you create a thoughtful and accurate plan for a blog, you’ll be laying a solid foundation for success. Generally speaking, this is what most people will do when they want to have success with their blogging venture. People who have been around the IM block know from experience how painful some mistakes can be.

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