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Incorporating Offline Marketing Into Your System Can Triple Your Income

The majority of internet marketers get tunnel vision and only look to the internet for customers. This is an easy trap to fall into because it is convenient to just sit at your computer and conduct all of your business without ever leaving home, making phone calls, or talking to people face-to-face. Marketing on the internet is becoming more competitive as we speak. No matter where you are you have an opportunity to market your site. It’s easy, just get your site’s link in front of their eyes. Next, we are going to describe a few of the methods that you can immediately start using.

Your can can become your business’s mascot. Don’t worry, you won’t be converting your car into a Red Bull-mobile; you won’t be changing your car’s appearance at all. While this is a great way to get people to look at your car as you drive from place to place, it can also be quite embarrassing for the rest of your family members. If you are uncomfortable with larger displays on the sides of your car, what about putting a bumper sticker or two on your car? Just be sure to include your site’s URL. Window stickers work the same way. Stickers can be a lot more powerful than you think; if you add the right message then you can pass it out to others that identify with is and would be happy to display the sticker and you URL on their bumpers. Have some small promotional items printed or made, things you can hang or hand out to people, such as t-shirts, buttons or key chains. Find places to hand these items out or give some to local businesses to give to people for free. You can also distribute them anywhere you can think of where many people congregate, shop or pass through. You don’t even have to make a special trip; simply take them with you and leave them in different spots that you normally visit on various errands.

Have you thought about trying to purchase an ad on the radio? Unless you have a creative way to exchange or barter for radio advertising, this type of ad is not cheap; however, when you consider the number of people who you could be reaching, it’s often a sound investment. You probably take for granted how many places you hear a radio station on, whether at the mall, at the office or in your car. Suppose even a small percentage of these listeners decide to check out your website. That is still thousands of potential clients wanting to check out your services! Just because your product or service might be online based doesn’t mean it can’t be effectively marketed offline. Offline advertising has been around a lot longer than online, so there are probably many more ways to do it! It’s just a matter of thinking outside the box.

There are actually marketing opportunities all around you; you just need to be able to see them! Think of who could use your product or service. It makes sense to allocate part of your advertising budget for some of these offline techniques. If you split your marketing between online and offline methods, you can have the best of both worlds and attract more business overall.

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